Firewall Blocking Spotify Error Code auth:16


Re: Firewall Blocking Spotify Error Code auth:16

These directions appear to be for a windows computer. I am on a MacBook Pro
13", mid 2012. Operating system is version 10.14.6. and I don't know how to
tell you what version of Spotify I am using because the software won't even
let me log in to go to "Preferences".

So to answer your question, none of the directions you have provided or
that anyone else has provided have been able to resolve my issue. Again,
extremely frustrating and disappointing.

Re: Firewall Blocking Spotify Error Code auth:16

Casual Listener

The firs time i deleted the app i followed the directions given by spotify and tech support to delete from the "root" every single file etc. When i reinstalled again I was having the same issue. I when ahead and gave it another change thinking i must of missed something. Re-Read the instructions and carefully deleted every single file they were asking for in the guide. Re-installed and this time it work. This is from the delete the app completely guide. 


Re: Firewall Blocking Spotify Error Code auth:16


Hey @mattyg88,


Thanks for keeping us in the loop. We'll do our best to help you resolve this issue.


Could you give the steps that @stellaellaella suggested a go? Note that they are related to your computer profile, not your Spotify account. It's a good idea to also check if Spotify is added as an exception to all firewall and anti-virus apps you might have installed.


Also, have you tried connecting to a different network to see if that makes a difference?


Keep us posted, we'd happily investigate this further!


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