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Forced Smart Shuffle

Forced Smart Shuffle






Macbook Pro 2023

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Sonoma 14.4.1


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Smart shuffle keeps getting forced onto my playlists. The shuffle button has the 3 options (no shuffle, smart shuffle, remove smart shuffle), but it only uses the smart shuffle. So when I just want to listen to the shuffled version of the playlist I made, I can't  because it only uses smart shuffle which adds in other songs I don't always want. Can someone please look into this because I mostly listen on my laptop, and this is the only app it happens on for me.

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Hey @nicholpennell,


Thanks for reaching out!


Is Smart Shuffle toggled on for your playlists by default? Disabling it on each individual playlist should make the app remember your choice; could you confirm you've tried that or does it automatically switch back on?


It's worth logging out and signing back in to your account twice in a row - this forces a resync that may help here. You can also try a clean reinstall of the app, if you haven't already - just note that you'll need to redownload any music you had downloaded for offline listening afterwards.


If the issue persists, please share the exact version of Spotify you're running, along with a short screen recording which captures the described behavior in action so we can take a closer look at what's happening on your end.


Cheers 🤘

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Hey thanks for the quick reply!


I am in the software industry and didn't even think of trying those solutions lol. I ended up using Spotify on my phone and it somehow reset it on my laptop. But if something similar happens again I'll give your solutions a try!


Thanks again for the help! 😊

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