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No internet connection (error 4)/Local files not loading/"Error in template application" MAC


No internet connection (error 4)/Local files not loading/"Error in template application" MAC

I have looked all thought the posts but still cannot find a solution to my Spotify problems.


When I log in, very little loads properly, my local files come up but won't play. No playlists are coming up and an error bar at the top says "No internet connection detected Spotify will automatically try to reconnect when it detects an internet connection. (error code 4)."
In my Library/Inbox/Play Queue/Devices at the top it says: "error in template application - Parse error error in views/Library(or Inbox/play queue etc)._header.xml" Then i scroll down and it says "Description:  problem happened during execution of the request. please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originates in the code" (see the screen shot).


This has been going on for a good month (i've been busy so just hoped it would fix itself), over several wifi connections (home, uni, parents house). My housemate also has spotify and it is working fine on her computer. Everything else is working fine on my computer, internet is nice and fast. So I have no idea what is the problem. I've tried some things:


1. First I restarted my wifi - no change.

2. Then I restarted Spotify - no change.

3. I also restarted my router - no change.

4. then I checked the firewall - has been off the whole time.

5. then I attempted to uninstall Spotify. The "~/Library/Caches/com.spotify.Client
~/Library/Application Support/Spotify" folders that I need to delete are nowhere to be found. I searched through the Caches folder and App support folder and then my whole computer and they are nowhere. So i preceded to delete the Application itself and reinstalled.
But then once reinstalled, the same issues came up.


In the preference box it says the Cache is located in the Cache folder but when I click Browse nothing happens. 


I am operating on a MacBook Pro OS X. 


I would tell you what spotify version I'm using but it came up with a message saying "Error in template application etc" again.


Internet provider is iiNet and I'm in Perth, Austalia.

My username is (according to the top right hand box) ***(edited for security)...? Hah or izzy.***@*** (edited for security).




Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 11.31.56AM.jpg
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I can see people are happy as solved the error 4 - but I can't see the solution (I have the same problem, when connecting from the office..  at home there is no problem..) What to do to sole it? thanks sgoenczi


Peter, I'm using Windows 7 and the problem isn't solved yet, any other suggestions?

Hi guys,

This problem solved itself after a few days for me. Don't know how it happened.
Sorry that I can't help you 😉

Hi, I've also been having the same problem for a couple of months.


My internet connection works perfectly, I've reinstalled Spotify many times over and checked my Firewall settings which are allowing Spotify to connect but I'm still getting the error 4 message that I'm not online!


I also couldn't see a solution anywhere onthis forum. Could someone help?

Still nobody shared any good idea/soltution...

same **bleep** here since last updated

Same in here for like a month. I don't really want to cancel my membership but I cannot use the service provided!

Am I misisng something here. What is the solution to this problem?

I cant see where it states the solution?




Ok, I managed to resolve it, turns out my MAMP (a virtual server app for web developers) was causing the issue, so whenever the mamp is open and running on port 80 spotify can not connect to internet, still have not found a soloution to make them both work together but I thought it might be useful to share it with you.

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this fixed my problem

i have premium account and i cant sign in with facebook. Please fix this **bleep**ing problem.

I had the same problem with the error code for simply signed out and sign back in with Facebook and it works fine now

I dont have fuuuckinnnng facebook.fuuuckinnnng facebook and spotify. Useless bull shiit. I will delete my account after period ends. 4 page and they didnt solve it. Stupid engeneers. useless product managers.

Did you manage to fix it?

I agree. You shouldn't have to log in with a 3rd party to use their service.

I can't verify my solution, bit it's working: after Windows 10 Update I updated my audio drivers (Lenovo Laptop)

Yes Sir I can boogie. But I need a certain song. - Quidquid agis, prudenter agas et respice finem.
Thomas Kohler

Some peple don't have Facebook!!!!!! How can i solve the problem without having facebook??????

it didn´t work for me. :S

Hi, I have the same problem. What did you do to make it work? Please...

It is only on my Imac (works perfect on ipad and iphone)

Thank you


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I had the same problem and found that one of my devices (Iphone) was still signed on to Spotify.  When I logged out on my phone I tried right away to log in on my Mac and it went right through.  No problems anymore.  That might explain why some other people had no problems when they logged in with another users information?  They might have a device still logged in and it prevents them from logging in again with another device.


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