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Playlist description links




I'm trying to find out how to add links to the description of one of my playlists. You know when there's an artist on the cover art, and they tag that artist in the description? I screenshotted a random example in the attachments below. 


From what I've gathered, you need to be either an artist, or a verified user, to be able to add links to the description. I'm not a verified user, but I am an artist, and my account has been verified access to it, labeled as the artist. I don't think Spotify is taking user verifications anymore, as the FAQ on the Spotify For Artists site says this:

We don’t offer verification for personal Spotify accounts.

If you’re an artist or on a management team and you want to get verified and take control of a profile on Spotify, you’ll need to get access to Spotify for Artists.

 I've gotten access already, though.


I merely just want to create a playlist, that will show in my public playlists tab of my personal Spotify user, of all of my songs, with a link to my artist page (yeah, shameless self-promo, I know). Is this possible, and if so, how can I do this?


I also think giving all users the opportunity to add links to their playlist descriptions would be a really cool feature! We could link to our social medias and stuff 🙂


Thanks in advance!


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Hey @qwertyqutiep


It looks like the ability for artists to add links to their playlist descriptions has been discontinued.


The FAQ on the artist site doesn't show the "add link" field in the screenshot and it has no mention of being able to add a link anymore.


Also, I wanted to point out that artists can now add their social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) links to their artist page.


I think if Spotify opened up description linking to all users, it would be cool, but it also opens the door to abuse and people linking to random websites and stuff.

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Re: Playlist description links

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I was actually thinking, maybe only link to spotify links, it would be a decent middle ground.