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Playlists Missing "Custom Order" Option

Playlists Missing "Custom Order" Option

In the new re-design (both Mac app and Web app) it is missing the "Custom Order" option when viewing playlists and it will not allow me to rearrange playlists and playlist folders. 


It shows a "Creator" option, which seems redundant, I am the creator and it is my custom order, but they are completely out of order when this option is selected. 


It will allow me to rearrange playlists within a folder if I do the new "open" playlist folder thing and then from there select the "Custom Order" option. But if I just open them the old fashion way, like a drop down menu, it still won't let me rearrange playlists or folders. 


Please tell me this is just a temporary bug with the new design that they are aware of and still working on, or it is something in the settings I can change that will fix this. It really makes you wanna blow your f@&*% brains out dealing with stuff like this, three years ago they completely broke the add to playlist button and refuse to fix it and don't even seem to think it is a problem, and I just have a terrible feeling they think this will be a good idea also, to say f-you to all their customers and not allow use to arrange playlists ourselves anymore.

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Hi @bigunzzz


I'm not sure if you're seeing this problem with a playlist itself or with the new sidebar. I will provide support for the sidebar.

Please let me know if you're experiencing a problem other than the one I am highlighting here.


  1. Set the Filter to Playlists.
  2. Set the sort order to Custom order.

You should now be able to drag & drop playlists outside of your folders as well as change their order.

Please click here for more information.





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Yes, the "Custom order" option does not appear unless I open a playlist folder.

...and even then every time I re-open playlist folders it will have changed the setting from custom to something else again. Every. Single. Time. 

...and now they broke it on iPad also. This is seriously **bleep** up Spotify. Why are you doing this to us?

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