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Shuffle is caught in a loop of maybe 2.5% of my plalist

Shuffle is caught in a loop of maybe 2.5% of my plalist



some cheap Huawei phone and Macbook Pro

Android Oreo & OS x


One of the reasons why I really loved Spotify and decided to pay for Premium was the ability to discover new music, the other was that the shuffle algorithm was the closest to random I've ever experienced anywhere. That was years ago. Now, ever since I can synchronize my phone and my computer, things got awry. Right now, I can only listen to a choice of maybe 2 hours in my close to 80 hours playlist. I get up in the morning and listen to music while I'm reading the news. Then I go about my business in the city, and return home. Sometimes several times a day, so every time I switch, I would expect the playlist to just continue, but no, every time I get presented with same songs I had just been listening to these past hours. And now I tried to skip fast forward until I reach new realms, but they never come. At some point it'll just start over within the same choice of songs.

In my opinion this is a serious bug, and if this persists I will cancel my subscription and download all my tracks illegally and use the shuffle of VLC oldschool style. Seriously, what's the point of paying 9,99 a months for something that doesn't work?


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