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Spotify Connect - Spotify Switches Playback Device Randomly

Spotify Connect - Spotify Switches Playback Device Randomly

So this is probably the 10th time this has happened in the last 3 weeks.


I will be listening to Spotify on my laptop at work, and all of a sudden, the music stops.

I didn't hit any keys, what the F?


I go into Spotify and it says Spotify Connect is now playing on "<Home PC Name>", my computer located about 10 miles from me.

First time this happened, I called my house mate and had him go into the room of the computer to confront the intruder in my home, but fortunately there was no intruder, only a Spotify bug.


Fast forward a couple days, hey it happened again!

And again, and again and again....


Look, the Spotify Connect is a pretty cool feature. I like it when it works. But this is starting to get annoying.


How can I keep Spotify from randomly deciding it's time to jam out my empty apartment, instead of my ears?


I'm open to just disabling the service, though I would like to keep using it because it's handy when I'm jamming on guitar and can control the music from my couch.


One more thing, I don't think it's my computer at home restarting and opening spotify because all of my applications/windows from the night before are still open when I get home.


Thanks in advance to anybody who can provide some insight into why this is happening.

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Nice!  It's definitely a "feature".

same here happens at least once every day. Music is randomly switching between all my devices: pc at home, pc at work, amazon echo, smartphone Sometimes it just stops in the middle of a song and immediately starts playing next song on another device.

From @SpotifyCares:
Hey there! We recommend a fresh start by creating a new account. We'll free up your email address, so you can use it again. We'll also move your tunes and followers over. We are unable to transfer payment details and subscriptions though, so you need to subscribe the new account to Premium. We also see that there are two Facebook-created accounts linked your email address that are no longer accessible. If you'd like, we can also move their playlists across to the new account before closing them. If this sounds good to you, just get back to us with your date of birth and the last 4 digits of your payment card for security /AR

That's just sad...

Can spotify please just give us an option to disable this horrible feature? Yes, it COULD be a cool feature if not for the fact that it switches to my phone from my PC THREE TIMES A DAY!!! Because I love listening to my music on my phones speaker rather than my fancy headphones / PC speakers....


I've tried pretty much all of the streaming music apps and they all suck in their own form or fashion. All I want to do is listen to music uninteruppted without having to troubleshoot playback software issues every 20 friggin minutes!!!

Same issue here, started a few days ago. Have been using Spotify on both PC and smartphone without any issues for many years now... 😞

Aye, same here, listening in the office desktop (Windows 10) with my headphones then all of a sudden my mobile desktop app stops and mobile phone starts up (Andoid) with the same song. Obviously not ideal especially if the phone speaker is on loud.  Never had any issues before now. Bizzarely it also did this yesterday even though I'd stopped the Spotify app running on my phone. 

I have a similar but even stranger problem: Sometimes while listening on one device (my work laptop) the music will *also* start playing on another device (my personal phone). Playback on the laptop continues though, something that I thought shouldn't even be possible. And since I am using headphones, I don't even notice this is happening until a colleague stands next to me with a quizzical look on his face.


This has occured once or twice a day for the last couple of days and it's driving me crazy. My interim "solution" is to log out of my account on my phone while at work and log back in again after I leave the office. And since this issue is already considered as "solved", that's probably what I'll have to continue doing...

I now have both those "Features". Music will either switch to my phone (today during a phonecall!!!) or BOTH will play different songs at once sometimes! This started happening a few weeks ago so I am guessing it's one of those amazing updates.


Samsung Galaxy Tab A, Marshmallow 6.0.1

Samsung Galaxy S7, Nougat 7.0.0

Latest Spotify versions, and yes, I uninstalled and reinstalled.


I've been avoiding Crapple Music because it sucks but this, I'm afraid, is like a whole new level of sucking. I am not going to pay for a service which just decides to switch to my phone and plays music randomly while I am actually talking on the phone. In the meantime I guess I will look up that link with old versions of Spotify and go five weeks back or so hoping it will resolve things. And then have to redownload all my offline files to mobile devices. Yay.

I followed these steps and they did not fix the issue. If anythign, the problem has gotten worse in the last few days, with more random switches from my laptop to my phone.

Similar issue here. I can log out and close Spotify on my Windows desktop, then open the web player, and your systems are CONVINCED I'm still playing on the desktop app, and so I'm not able to play music in the browser. Ridiculous. I also get random jumps to other devices, like some who have replied to this thread.


And now I'm looking for help and have to talk to the community of your CUSTOMERS that you've left flapping in the wind? Where are the developers and actual support staff on these issues? I'm really close to cancelling my premium membership.

Goddammnit, it just happened again twice in short succession.


The strange part is that when it switched to my phone, the Connect-settings showed that it was still playing on my computer. And that my S5, where the music jumped to, was 'unavailable for playback'.



When skimming through the pages, I found multiple threads with this issue. 

And also one thread with an apparently official response from Spotify:


Let's all go there and report the requested information and be updated as that thread progresses!


On the next page of the thread I mentioned above, Spotify stated that there should be a fix in the next Spotify for Android-version (8.4.1), however they have not been able to reproduce it.



Well, just got a message for Pandora Premium free trial.... Looks like a
contender against Spotify, sans karaoke and covers... which I won't even

Your move Spotify......

If they can't reproduce it, an engineer is welcome to my house, where it happened just NOW. And the same way too, according to laptop the laptop is playing music and phone is unavailable.


I checked Crapple Music again and they STILL haven't figured out how to play gapless. Unless Spotify really fix the issue they "can't reproduce" I might switch anyway because I scared myself and others when my phone suddenly started playing music for no reason.

happening for me too. standing in front of my computer at work listening to spotify and then all of a sudden the music stops and starts playing from my phone in my pocket. sooooo annoying.


I am having the same issue but with my mobile.

It will randomly switch to the other device when i dont want it to and it seems like a waste to have to sign out of each device just to stop the issue.



Kate K

At least it plays in devices you know. I was listening to music on my PC when the sound stopped, and some weird German music was playing on a SM-G920F phone - I am on a encrypted WiFi in a suburban area, noone is accessing my WiFi. My facebook doesn't show any activity out of the ordinary. Yet a strange device showed up in my Spotify Connect and took control over my Spotify.

This seems resolved for me now. I didn't do anything (reinstaling apps, etc.) so maybe they fixed it? Or maybe I'm just lucky lol

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