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Spotify Sound Quality lowers while on Discord

Spotify Sound Quality lowers while on Discord




United Kingdom



Macbook Pro 13" Early 2015

Operating System

macOS Catalina 10.15.2



My Question or Issue

Whenever I'm in a discord call, the sound quality from Spotify is dreadful. My headphones are Sony WH-H900N and connected through bluetooth. I saw that switching that my input source to the internal mic might solve the issue but it hasn't.

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When you're using a VoIP call, usually your operating system switches the Bluetooth codec to a suitable one for bidirectional audio called SBC. It's not a Spotify problem.

You can check this pressing Option while checking the Bluetooth menu option, then selecting the device, then checking the codec.

To fix this and force the use of AAC or aptX:

I had that problem for years and found that the easy solution is to switch your mic so that you use the one that's built into the computer. System settings > Sound > Input and click on the one that's named build-in microphone.

Thank you soo much for this!! I was almost giving up on using spotify and Discord at the same time haha. You saved my studying sessions!!

youre the best

hi! I have the same issue, but I'm on Windows. does anyone have an idea how to fix it there? I haven't found anything online except for this thread 😕

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