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Spotify showing wrong song lengths of some local files

Spotify showing wrong song lengths of some local files


Macbook Pro mid-2012

Operating System

macOS Catalina 10.15 - 10.15.4


My Question or Issue

This has been an issue for months now. For some reason Spotify shows some local files length's as 1 second shorter than they really are. And for some local files it shows 0:01 instead of the actual length.

This might sound like a pseudo problem but since I have my mp3's in two different computers (mac and Windows 10) it creates a problem. I've created album playlists from those local files in order to sync them onto my mobile device. The problem is that since the issue only happens with the Spotify macOS client the songs that are in a playlist and have a wrong length are unplayable in the Spotify Windows client. And if I then replace those unplayable songs in a playlist in the Spotify Windows client then they become unplayable in Spotify macOS client.

The files themselves are fine because Finder shows correct length for those files and they have correct length in Music app.

Let me add screenshots with some of the songs:

Metallica in SpotifyMetallica in SpotifyMetallica in Finder infoMetallica in Finder infoDre in SpotifyDre in SpotifyDre in Finder infoDre in Finder infoGoldie in SpotifyGoldie in SpotifyGoldie in Finder infoGoldie in Finder infoJoe in SpotifyJoe in SpotifyJoe in Finder infoJoe in Finder info


I've done clean installation of Spotify. Currently using

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You've just ended months of frustration on my end. I can confirm that this works using mp3DirectCut on Windows.

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