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[Unsolved] Desktop "Couldn't find that page" and Open at Login Error

[Unsolved] Desktop "Couldn't find that page" and Open at Login Error









(Mac Mini M1 2020)


Operating System

(MacOS Monterrey 12.0.1)


I've had this issue for over a week. I'm posting now because I found a solve that works for me.


EDIT: The solve worked for a day, on two separate installations, but today it happened again.



The bug started apparently out of nowhere. I'd had trouble stopping Spotify from opening at login. The traditional [Right Click Icon] > Options > Open at Login (toggle) wasn't working. So I started suspecting this and the following loading bug might be connected.


The loading bug was weird, but has been seen before in an earlier 2021 thread.

Spotify would try to load for 30 seconds or so and then display this.

Screenshot 2021-11-24 at 02.14.13.png


A similar message would appear if I chose Your Library tab. For example, after Your Library > Artists > Clicking an Artist, the app would try to load, fail, and display a similar error message.


The search function was completely disabled. I could click the tab but nothing would load.


Weirdly enough, my "Your Top Songs of 2020" playlist was working, playing the music, displaying the normal info and all.



Fresh reinstalls didn't work. Neither did downloading and running the old M1 app beta, found here.


What did work was going into Settings > Show advanced settings.


Here, I scrolled down to the "Startup and Window behavior" section and selected "No" instead of "Minimized".Screenshot 2021-11-24 at 02.14.54.png


After a fresh reload, the app began working properly again. So much so that I was able to reselect "Minimized", rerun, and the bug was gone. I suspect the only way I could reproduce the bug is with a fresh install, but I'll report if it spontaneously happens again.


EDIT: It happened again.


My advice to Spotify is to not toggle this on automatically after a fresh install. It makes no sense, nobody wants to lose control over startup apps and it could make a layperson's computer run slower in the long run. I understand you may want to use tricks to make your products stand out, but I would advise against it. We are not stupid. I urge everyone to demand better from their service providers.


Alternatively, you could make it easier to override this option through the traditional method. One of my failed attempts involved manually disabling Spotify at startup through System Preferences. This didn't solve the bug, which made it even harder to identify. If this option wasn't buried under advanced options, I would've solved it days ago.


Also, it baffles me how a paid product can work so poorly, with such obvious bugs. In a barely sane world, I would either pay you for a full product or be paid to solve your bugs. Do better. 

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Thank you. Changing "Startup and Window behavior" to "No" fixed it for me

Yep this was the exact issue for me too. Remarkable how it's still ongoing in 2024!

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