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Video ads way too loud


Video ads way too loud

Listening to my music at a reasonable volume and then all of a sudden a video ad will come blaring on, seemingly at least twice as loud as my actual music volume. Loud enough to ****ing literally hurt my ears. This needs to fixed immediately. This latest update is just a mess. The lead developer and anyone who OK'd the update should be fired. The update should be rolled back until someone competent, and who also values user experience, is put in charge.
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I like how we got no official word regarding this problem even though it has already reached 14 pages. Way to go Spotify team!.

Their not getting money from us so why should they care? .-. that's probably what their saying. Its getting ridiculous. I love Spotify and I'm a everyday user. They really don't have good customer support if this is how their dealing with these problems. To them we must not even be customers.

The problem will never be fixed

The only thing that saves my ears and equipment is the easily reached and tapped mute button on my headphone preamp. I don't listen near as much as I would if the ads were kept a reasonable volume, but when I do, I mute every ad.

Kinda sad for Spotify (and the ad buyers) to realize their users may never hear whatever they are advertising.....not someplace I would reccommend purchasing airtime.

Same dude, when Im playing a game while listening to music and the ad pops up murdering my ears the only option is to hit the mute button on my keyboard 😞 

Audio-ads topic is closed, so I'll post here. My premium expired sev. months ago and I didn't have this bullcrap audio ads until last week, only got banners 'till then, what is it, some bug or is it Spotify politics? If I don't find the way to block this **bleep** ads I'll go to the other services, 'cause that's it. First lyrics, then notifications, then this sh;t, better port my artists' library to deezer, that's the only important stuff I've got here.

Is your loudness equalization on m8? Just wondering

I won't publish real solution for they maybe will ban me or somehow try to delete it, but I'll throw a tip for ya pals: add some addresses to your hosts file and keep calm, wink wink.

I just had my ears destroyed by a f***ing ad. How do they think this helps to promote anything??


This is ridiculous. I absolutely hate Spotify. They air ads too often. Video ads are aired too often and WAY to loudly. I have ditched Spotify in favor of Amazon Music and Sound Cloud. For those of you looking for a better, free music service, I suggest switching to Sound Cloud. They don't have as many songs available but their ads are much less fequent and far less obtrusive. Also, I'd sooner pay $100 per year for Prime (which includes two million songs, and a lot of other benefits) rather than paying $10 a month for Spotify. If you calculate, Spotify actually costs more than Amazon Prime -- imagine that! Anyone using Spotify Premium is wasting money. I also have reason to think their entire application (desktop and mobile) is HTML/JavaScript/CSS based. It must be programmed inefficiently because while Amazon Music and Sound Cloud function well on my devices, Spotify hogs memory and processing. Very dissappointed. Making money is one thing but "money making" has been carried way too far. Something to point out is Spotify has more songs available than any other music provider (well, Apple Music is close). However, I'd rather have fewer songs available and have a pleasant experience. Spotify may consider having more paid account options. One account gives you all songs, one down offers fewer songs but at a lower cost, and then keep the free option available with ads (though less introsive than current).

All, unfortunately this is not a complete fix but this did help for me.


From a previous post:

"Turns out you need to leave the volume level in Spotify on full and instead control the volume via Windows or from the speakers or mobile device volume control. On this particular problem computer, I had lowered the Spotify volume to about half level. So when the adds played, they ignored the volume setting in Spotify and instead played like it was set to maximum. However Spotify cannot override the volume settings in Windows or on your speakers."


Essentially I have my volume on my laptop down to nothing (2 out of 100) and spotify all the way up. The ads no longer scream in my ear. Hopefully this helps some of you!

Here were are again. 


Listening to some relaxing instrumental Christmas tunes, and all of a sudden:



I know I'll never go near Sage accounting in the future. Well done, Spotify. 


360 would be the same genre.  You meant 180 but nice try

I have the same's insane. They try to push you to subscribe to get rid of ads. I'll never upgrade to premium because of this policy. Do they think we are like Pavlov's dog?

I'm defenetely unistalling this sw.

I was just sleeping and some ad started play so loud that it scared me awake. I hate this annoying **bleep** and now i can't get sleep anymore 🙂 thanks spotify

Ads on spotify are ridiculously loud. Yes it's your program, and yes you decide what kind of sound comes through. BUT I DECIDE THE VOLUME!!!!! Get that through your fcking head you capitalist pieces of dung! **bleep** you, i hope the person for this responsible will get deaf in one ear like i am now. Suffering from neverending high pitched tones and ringing in your ear for the rest of your fcking life. Im getting a tattoo in my neck under my ear saying "Spotify adds is the reason i am deaf" .. you think im joking yes? Contact me and i'll show you my new hearing device which cost a **bleep** ton on money.

My solution was simple, block all ads.

What a surprise when i discovered now the volume goes up at the begining of EVERY song.

Now i do not use spotify at all ... not anymore.

But then every other program has really low audio because unlike Spotify they don't blast music at ridiculous decibels.

Most users on spotify have alternatives as to the source of music, one of which is regrettably piracy. This sources don't have preposterous loud ads.

This being said, would you kindly match the volume of ads with that of songs?


Nothing like hearing the screaming phrase "...**bleep** TRAFFICKING..." when my young kids walk in the room, thanks Spotify! Some of us listen to jazz and classical, which has limited/non-existent limiter/compression compared to these ads. It's like getting kicked in the temples, thanks! (BTW, it's easy to tell when my visual EQ starts CLIPPING when the ad starts).

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