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add a second album to the waiting list at the end

add a second album to the waiting list at the end

Unfortunately I found the interface and navigation in Spotify to be quite annoying and cumbersome often...


there does not seem to be organisation featues I would like and some things are missing that I find very basic...


One thing I would like to do is to add a whole album to play next after the current playing Album/Songs/Playlist... > Eg play these 2 Albums of the Beatles and then these 3 Albums of Pink Floyd... it seem not possible to do this? or am I missing something?


(*of course I don't want to create playlists for this...)





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Wagging hello to you fugggoff1o1o1o1! What a name lol
By using the "Add to Queue" or "Play Next" feature, you can effectively create a playlist of albums in the order you desire. Repeat the process to add additional albums to the queue, and they will play sequentially after the current playing album.

Hit the three dots and then select add to queue.

Album que.png

It's worth noting that the specific interface and options may vary slightly between different versions of the Spotify app However, the general concept of adding albums to the queue remains consistent across platforms.
I'll be barking up the wrong tree without updates on your situation,


-Prague the Dog

PragueSpotify Star
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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

Hi thanks for your reply.
(seems I had setup this name long time ago... was not aware that this is used... but does not matter..)

I was checking your suggestions just now:
-> it seems to work correctly .... sometimes> but only IF you do it exactly in the correct way!
usually when I tried to do this it will just inserted the new Album (2) in between > so after the currently playing song and the rest of Albumt 1.

Solution: You MUST! for the First Album... not just click Play ( if you do/did and then add a second Album to the waiting list it creates the issue above)... You need to (Step 1) select add to Playlist for Album 1, (maybe skip the currently playing song you can not delete out of the waiting list, so you are on Track 1 of the Album) then for the second Album the same etc... >ONLY if you do Step 1 exactly like this it works with playing several Albums in a sequence. 


>... However skipping back from Track 1 on Album 2 does not bring (me) back to last track on Album 1...but a random/other song I have listened to some time ago??



other issues / annoyance:

sometimes you can clear the waiting cue... but sometimes not ? > when and why this is possible did not make any sense to me... also this never cleared out the currently playing (or paused song)...also just now I clicked "clear the waiting list" and this "cleared" only the one Album... the other, the other Songs are still there... and no button more "clear the waiting list"

I was surprised that in the Desktop view when clicking Album..... it simply shows only three... or 4-5 IF I make the window wider... > why is this not just shown normally to scroll down? > did not make any sense to me... later on I discovered that you MUST click on show all Albums to actually see them.

Tails a waggin to hear from you and with seemingly good news! 

Spotify's interface and functionalities may vary across different devices and versions, so the behavior you described might be specific to the version or device you are using.


Regarding clearing the waiting queue, it's possible that there are some limitations or inconsistencies in the platform's functionality. Clearing the waiting queue should ideally remove all upcoming songs and albums from the queue, but it seems like you encountered situations where it did not work as expected. This could be a bug or a design choice specific to the platform.


As for the limited display of albums in the desktop view, it's common for music platforms to optimize the display to show a manageable number of albums initially. This helps improve loading times and provides a better user experience. Requiring users to click on "show all albums" to view the complete list is a way to manage large music libraries efficiently. While it may seem inconvenient, it's done to ensure a smooth browsing experience.
I'm all ears for updates,


-Prague the Dog




PragueSpotify Star
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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

Its sooo annoying...why should it be so tricky. To set an album after the other? It should be simple and intuitive. I have to play an album, than add to que the exact  same album, and then all the albums you add respect the que, otherwise the system just set it right after the song that's playing atm...other upgrade that would be cool its to set the thumbnails with the album in current reproduction list.

Yeah this is not a solution. E.g. I have 3 albums running on current reproduction list. I want to set a new album in the middle, like after the first album. You can only do that by adding to qeue and then drag track by track to the desired spot. Spotify should have 2 options, like Youtube or Deezer - "Add to qeue" and "Play next". Everyone would be happy.

Hi there @DDDeftoneDDD,


Thanks for your reply in this thread.


Currently, if you add something to the Queue, it will go to the end of the line. However, we understand what you mean, and we thank you for taking the time to let us know. We always aim to improve, so we’ll get this passed on to the right team.


Now, it seems other users feel the same way, and an idea to add this feature has already been suggested here - feel free to add your vote to it!


The Idea Exchange is a great way for us to see what our users are interested in and how many people like a certain idea. Check out this FAQ to learn more about it.


If you need a hand with anything else, we're always a post away!

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