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Accidentally Toggled Off a Feature, Cannot Re-Toggle On

Accidentally Toggled Off a Feature, Cannot Re-Toggle On

I accidentally toggled off a certain Spotify feature that is located on the bottom-right panel of my Spotify Web. Now, I cannot re-toggle on that feature.

I don't know what feature I toggled off. I have been searching in the Community for hours this morning determining what I acidentally toggled off.

It's not the Lyrics button nor the Queue button nor the Connect to a Device button. It's the button that supposedly appears at the right side of the volume slider. And that feature was situated inside a right navigation panel.

I searched up "navigation", "feature", and "Desktop"phrases in the Spotify Community to see whether someone had experienced a similar issue, but to no avail.
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Hi there @marquinti2!


To the right of the volume slider is usually where the Fullscreen button is located for Premium users. Is this what you were referring to? If so, double-check if you're logged in to your Premium account.


Fullscreen buttonFullscreen button

There's also the Now Playing View button that was recently introduced in the desktop app, which could be what you meant. This is a part of an ongoing test Spotify's currently running for some users, but it's only for the desktop app - it's not available on the Web Player.


Now Playing View buttonNow Playing View button

Hope this clears things up. Cheers!

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I'm not a Premium User. I'm just a Free user using Spotify both on the Web Player and on the Desktop App.


The buttons you encircled above in your screenshots are not the ones I saw.


The button I was referring to Toggles Fff a navigation bar on the right side when I was using the Web Player.


After realizing I couldn't get it back, I downloaded Spotify on my Desktop app. I kept searching for that button on my Spotify Desktop App, but couldn't find that specific button located on the right side of the Desktop App.


And now that I think about it, I think that mysterious button just Toggles Off the right side navigation bar once and only once (cause I can't Toggle On at all cause I can't see that button anymore even if I look in the submenu selections at the top left of my Spotify Web Player and Spotify Desktop app).


Moreover, I'm just a Free User so I shouldn't be able to see the Fullscreen button (which is only available for Premium Users).

Anyway, thank you for your help. I appreciate it! I'll keep exploring both Spotify Web Player and Spotify Desktop App to see what other features are available for Free Users.


I'm not too keen on getting that Toggle Off/On button back on my Spotify Web Player/Desktop App. After all, I can still play music as a Free User even without it.


Thanks for all your help!

Hey @marquinti2,


Thanks for your reply and for the details provided.


Usually, the right panel you can see at the right side of the screen while using the app is the one that shows you your Friend activity. You can see it with both Premium and free accounts. Nevertheless, that feature is not available in the web player at the moment.


There is no harm in trying if that is the case. So! You can check on the desktop app if perhaps that's the panel you saw. To activate it, you can go to the three-dot menu at the top left of the screen. There, select view> Friend activity. Give it a try and let us know how it goes. 


We'll be on the lookout!

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The Friend Activity feature is a feature that I've always known. It's not the feature that I'm concerned about.


I am aware how to toggle this Friend Activity feature on and off on the Desktop App. (I agree on your statement that this Friend Activity feature is only available in the Desktop App; it is not available in the Web Player).


I'm sorry I didn't include "Friend Activity" feature in my original post. I should have included it there the day I posted it.


I'll keep looking for that mysterious feature on the right navigation panel or right navigation sidebar that Spotify mind-boggles me with. But, I certainly appreciate the response and your help! Thank you for your reply post! 🙂

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