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Spotify is missing the Dislike Button


Spotify is missing the Dislike Button




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Windows 10


My Issue

Sometime about a month ago the dislike button disappeared from my Release Radar & Discover Weekly.


I am confused on how this glaring bug has made it through QA; may as well get rid of the play button next. I currently don't have a way to remove songs I never want to hear again from my playlists which makes listening to them unbearable. Please reinstate the dislike button.


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Issue has been resolved as of 1/27/2020. Both Release Radar and Discover Weekly have their dislike buttons again.

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My dislike button has returned to its righteous spot! Oh the joy!

I spoke too soon. The dislike button exists on Release Radar but not on Discover Weekly I just realized.

It seems to be different per account. I've this problem for moths now and the support desk gave me a test account to try. This test account had dislike buttons everywhere. So they advised me to create a new account and move the 'follows' to that account.

So I created a new account, moved the 'follows' via the API and started a daily mix. Unfortunately the button didn't appear and I reported asked the helpdesk what to do.


The only answer I receive is:

We really apologize for the confusion and we just want to let you know that this has already been reported and investigated.
This is a priority for us, so hopefully it shouldn’t be long before things are back up.


So it is 'a priority' now. Well, literally that means: This the problem where the developers are working on now to solve it, no other issues are on their desks.

Well, when they are working on a simple issue like this for months now, I'm a bit worried when there is a serious problem.

More realistic is that it's not an issue at all for Spotify. It would be more honest to say that you are not a 'priority' and so are all others with this problem. 


Actually all people with problems like this should sent a mail to the supportdesk with a link to this topic and as subject: I'm not a priority


Marked as solution

Issue has been resolved as of 1/27/2020. Both Release Radar and Discover Weekly have their dislike buttons again.

issue hasn't been fixed still no dislike button anywhere.

I also thought wth is going on. No dislike button on Windows app. Dislike button still exists on android-app. Nice consumer friendly policy you have there. This issue has existed long enough.  Especially on the desktop. There is no difference if you have WinStore, internet-downloaded  or even Linux-version of the app.

This evening I opened my Discover Weekly to see if there is anything interesting apart from heaps of relaxation music, which appears every week even though Spotify promised long time ago to exclude it from DW. 


I have blocked 2 relaxation/ambient songs, then went to prepare milk for my 2y.o. son who woke up, than returned to Spotify - but the dislike button, which was just there, isn't there anymore. 


Will Deezer make it, what do you think? 



Could somebody clarify what the official statment is. Should there be a dislike button or not - officially. It's irritating that the button exists on phone, but not on desktop.

It is the opposite for me. I have the dislike button on my desktop but not on my mobile, which is where I listen to my music most. It sucks because I like to "perfect" my playlist while in the car.

Dislike button is still missing in my radio stations (WebPlayer - Windows - Firefox). Spotify becomes useless as I cannot tailor my stations. Please fix dislike in WebPlayer.

Hey there @Defjammer,


Welcome to the Community!


Do you mind trying opening the web player in an incognito tab in your Firefox and check if you can see the Dislike button on song Radios.


Also, if that doesn't work check out what's the situation if you use another browser like Google Chrome.


It'd be great if you can share some screenshots with us, of what you see when you when you Start Radio on a song from the 3-dot menu.


We'll be on the lookout for your reply.

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Hi Alex,


Thanks for getting back.

The problem reproduced in incognito mode in Chrome, Firefox & Opera.

Reopening my radio stations from 3-dot makes 'Dislike' appear in all browsers, which is great. However, if I click on Shortcut stations (both song and artist based) Dislike button disappears again.


Overall, thanks for the workaround, it is now possible to dislike songs. But it would be also good to have it in all shortcut stations.




This is now gone again with the newest update.

Hi @4k-1v_5mqlyk8,


Can you tell us if your talking about the Desktop app or the Web player?


If you're not seeing the option on your Desktop app, you might be part of the New Desktop client test group. You can read more about this here. We also encourage you to leave your feedback, as it will go straight to our developers.


Hope this info if useful.

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Same for me in the Desktop App, no dislike button anymore.

On the desktop Spotify on Linux, the Dislike button also disappeared, a very sad thing

Edited this post - after experimenting and further searching:

Coming back to Spotify after GPM and YTM.

I believe there should be a like/dislike button with ALL content.

Whether it be auto generated playlists or radio, or whatever.


I've taking a guess here - but I imagine like/dislike status of content is used to tune the user profile preference?


Why not have the like/dislike button available with player controls?  Have it in the  app, web interface, widgets, everywhere there is skip/play there should be like/dislike as well.





Hey @incriminator


Thanks for reaching out about this. 


We appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback with us, as it helps inform our decisions going forward. 


Other users also think it would be a good idea to have a Dislike button in all sections. In this case, you can add your +VOTE and Subscribe to this thread. That way you can stay up-to-date with any relevant news about this.


If anything else comes up, we're always a message away. 



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