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Activity showing single repeated/old "user shared a track" message

Activity showing single repeated/old "user shared a track" message

Activity feed was working great for a while, but recently I see over and over that one of my friends shared Chelsea Wolfe's "We Hit a Wall", as if they were sharing it again every day. It's always close to the top. Regular listening activity continues to scroll by, but this one "shared a track" message keeps reasserting itself. How long is it going to be like this? 


The frequency of updates makes me feel like I'm on some sort of guinea-pig alpha channel and if that's the case I'd at least like a stronger lifeline to developers because I am a programmer and it's painful to see this happen because we do it sometimes at my company too and I fight it because it destroys our user experience & esteem for the product. Every new build/fix seems to come with a new break, that persists a surprisingly long time despite it's glaringness (doesn't get fixed in the next update nor the next). At least when my company finds out we prioritize it well above the features & fixes go out quick (as soon as we can be sure the fixes don't break more things).



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