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Album Artist, Featuring Artist, composer in different order / mixed.

Album Artist, Featuring Artist, composer in different order / mixed.







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Spotify has added at some point more info and featuring artists into the Artist field. That is ok. But some artists, albums and tracks this thing has..  gone out of hands / pretty wild and leads to wrong scrobbling and wrong artist page if pressed.

Could these be fixed / sorted ?

Always write full name and /or at least in the same way through whole artist catalogue available, do not change it.

1. Rinnakkain - Side By Side / Laila, Ritva Kinnunen

(track 81) spotify:track:0LWrle3E9eiZepoJOV7htJ


This is "compelete" works collection by Laila Kinnunen. Her name does NOT change, even when there is featuring artist Ritva Kinnunen. It should be: Laila Kinnunen, Ritva Kinnunen. When pressed "Laila" from track 81, it leads to: spotify:artist:5OdXHqcfr9ei7COMweQ10q

artist and that is compeletely wrong. Nothing to do with Laila. This goes with every track with featuring artist in this album.


2. Laura Voutilainen / Etelän Yössä

Album: spotify:album:42kl0wJXPh5YsSZH0ZpYzO

Album artist is Laura Voutilainen. When scrobbling it shows the 1st artist which is not even featuring. He is composer, write lyrics or something - not performing at all. These should be other way round: Laura Voutilainen, xxxxx 

The same track from some Laura's "Greatest Hits" album and there is no mention at all that composer, lyrics writer what ever. Refer back to start: Always the same way.


3. Vanessa-Mae.

Various albums. The Original Four Seasons, The Violin Player, Storm.

Example: spotify:album:1PFCCIXaSa5IFZA58n0Yw2

It is Vanessa who is playing. There is no Antonio Vivaldi performing or near concert hall. Antonio is composer.

I think these should be the other way round: Vanessa-Mae, Antonio Vivaldi... etc. As Vanessa is playing Antonios works.


4. Ida Paul, Kalle Lindroth.  Artist / Album: spotify:album:3JgnIH7eHDubYJJcaGEWKn


Ida and Kalle are performing as a duo and their full names are mentioned in "Artist Name" already. Is there a point to re-mention them ? It looks funny.


This is not the biggest issue, but sometimes it is confusing when the performing artist is mentioned in different place / order. I have not tested if this has an effect on sorting playlist with artis name. It should be first, always. Then featuring artist(s), composer, credited persons etc.

At least the wrong links with Laila should be fixed.

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Hi there @Blueberry


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community.


You can report this by following the steps in this support article under “Broken or incorrect content”. The right teams will look take a closer look. 


If you need help with anything else, just let us know.

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