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Alternative to sorting saved songs by album?

Alternative to sorting saved songs by album?

Question for both Desktop and Android versions.


So with new changes to Album/Liked song filtering my "Albums" section shrinked to about 20 entries that i saved a long time ago.

Those saved albums now contain ALL songs from this album, including those i chose not to save before.

And my enrite list of liked songs is stored in one huge playlist.


So what is the new way to browse my liked songs by album in which they were stored? How am i supposed to quickly find(by album name/cover art obviously) and play only those parts of album that i want?

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Hey @Fallor,


It's true that there's been some changes to the Library, such as the Album view. Right now, full albums are saved in the Albums section, and individual songs are saved in Songs/Liked songs depending on your device. You can sort the list of songs by album to easily find a song by album name, but there isn't a way to see album cover because of the compressed view. 


Keep in mind that something that has disappeared can always reappear. A good way to show us your thoughts is to visit our ideas board, or submit a new idea so other people can vote and contribute to the discussion.


Hope that explains things!

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