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App not working after ALT-Tab out of a fullscreen Application

App not working after ALT-Tab out of a fullscreen Application

I was playing some video games and wanted to change music during this. I got the app open on a 2nd screen, but when I ALT-TAB out and try to click it, it doesn't work. It seems as if the window isn't there at all, because if I try to close it and there is a window behind it, that window closes instead. Only happens if the Spotify window is maximized.

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I also just started running into this issue in the past week or so. I'll try to Alt+Tab out of a game to find a new song, but Spotify is completely unresponsive. Clicking seems to go "through" the Spotify app and focus any widow that may be behind it on the screen. It's as if the interface is being drawn on the screen but any mouse/keyboard events have no idea the app is there. The only thing that fixes it is to force close Spotify and restart it - extremely annoying.

I havn't found a way to fix it, but if you click on spotify a bunch of times in the taskbar it will eventually start responding again.

I too have run into this issue recently... The only fix I have found is to simply close Spotify and restart it. Not a huge issue since I have a speedy computer, but for many users this could be a genuine pain and less of an annoyance. 

Assuming this is on windows, clicking the show desktop button in the very bottom right of your screen works for me. Still really annoying though.

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