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Automatic updates


I have an issue with automatic updates. I don't want them! The newest version of Spotify doesn't work on my computer and for now it doesnt't seem like it is going to change so I want to keep the older version of the program. Unfortunately, I cannot turn off my computer because whenever I do it updating starts automatically.


Does anyone knows any working method to stop the updates? Methods that would be additionally friendly to not very advanced users? I use updated Windows 10 and Spotify version which I want to stay with. 

I've already tried replacing Spotify_new.exe file from AppData and the method from here Neither of them work. Is there anything else that i can try?

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Yes, @emilia_st-- Greetings and welcome!  There are several things to try-- There used to be many problem-solving step-by-step instructions on this site, but the authorized juvenile delinquents have vandalized them-- particularly including the useful links--so I will refrain from giving you a link.  (I laugh.)

You might do the following Google search



[ Reverting Spotify to an Older Version (without automatic updates) Reddit method ].



Then search on that Reddit Wiki page for the words [ Alternate Method ]-- Some of my friends have forced that "Alternate method" to block the destructive automatic updates under Windows 10-- Have you tried that one?

Personally, I bought an auxiliary legacy Vista machine just to make it easy for me to use the last fully functional Spotify player-- Version So I sympathize completely.

Until I can take time to debug this problem, I treat my Windows 10 machines like dumb "mobile phones" for Spotify-- I set a corresponding 3000 track playlist to be "Available Offline"-- This makes plane travel easy with music, right?  Of course, I assemble those 3000 track playlists in my fully functional Spotify player on my Vista machine-- and often use the Web player in the browser on Windows 10 when there is another obstinate bug in the Spotify player app-- Does the Spotify player in the Web browser play for you in Windows 10?

The music on Spotify is worth it!

Thanks for your answer @rednblu

It is very bitchy of Spotify that they make it so complicated, especially that service is not free.Listening to the music on YouTube is almost samely valuable and additionally nobody makes any problems.

The method that i've got after searching for Reverting Spotify to an Older Version.... doesn't work in my case unfortuantely. 

On the other hand I cannot find anything about spotify after searching for Alternate Method on Reddit wiki.


The online player works in my system. I guess I will use it until there will be new fixed update. If they fix it at all...

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