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Whenever I try to play a song from Two steps from **bleep**, it won't play. All of the songs and albums aren't greyed out or anything, they should be availible to play, and when I add them into my queue, it just skips them. This is happening across all of my devices (Dektop PC, Laptop and Android phone), so it's not about my local files or anything.


Any help would be really appreciated, thanks.

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I've got the same trouble with some of my music, it doesn't work anymore on my laptop or smartphone and tablet. I've got a premium abonment and I try with on an other profile with the same smartphone and tablet and those music work but with my original profile no more... for now 2 artists don't work anymore, Maroon 5 and Katy Perry...


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Hey  @user-removed and @anthony-maw


There's an issue with a random patch of artists that have become unplayable with the latest update. Seems that it affects user accounts...


It's currently being looked into, this Issue thread will have updates on it as soon as it gets figured out. 🙂

Older clients reportedly work well - the unplayable artists are playable there.
There are older Spotify APK's available too - citing one user:


Assuming you have an android phone ( I do too and I have the same issue), you need to delete spotify from your phone, go to the APK mirror site and download and install the version of spotify from Sep 27. This should get everything working on your phone again (don't update spotify for a while though, ideally the next update will fix this for everyone).

I suppose any older desktop client should be working too. That would be for workaround, to be able to play music until an update comes in.

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Thx for your answer.

I don't understand how works APK mirror. but It's good to now that I'm not the only one and that there's an issue. 🙂


My spotify won't play any song by maroon 5 anymore on any divece, just last week it worked fine. I have seen where others are having a problem playing songs by Kendrick Lamar. What's going on spotify?