Bad sound & playlists disappearing.


Bad sound & playlists disappearing.


For the last couple of days I've been having trouble with my spotify account. I run on a windows 7, and have premium.


The sound quality have become TERRIBLE and there is a vague but audiable static-hissing noise behind several frequencies that weren't there before. Plus, my playlists have managed to uncheck themselves and are no longer available offline; it first appeared when I downloaded spotify for my android phone, and I had to get them to go online again manually and download them again. As far as I remember they were still available on my computer, though, but disappeared from there too when I re-installed spotify to try and fix the **bleep**ty sound. Obviously, re-installing didn't work at all, and re-downloading over a thousand songs is going to at least triple my internet bill(sorry for the foul words but, **bleep** you for that). Sound quality is still crap, despite spotify having been re-installed. I use the same headphones, the same sound card, and the sound quality is worse ONLY on Spotify and not on youtube or music downloaded on my computer. 


I mean, sure, Spotify have never actually had the sound quality promised for Premium (I'm an audiophile, I know my **bleep** - it's either fingering on quality or I and everybody else I know have been cursed with buggy applications, but that is beside the point of this complaint) but there's never been STATIC before. I'm not just running old songs that were poorly recorded either. Sound quality have just gotten overall pretty crappy for me lately. It's been going on for a week or two now. 


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Re: Bad sound & playlists disappearing.

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Reinstalling the program will always remove your offline playlists, since when you uninstall all Spotify data is removed from your computer, so that is not a massive surprise to me. 


Does toggling the "Enable High Quality Streaming" off and back on again make any difference, as well as disabling hardware acceleration (in Edit > Preferences)? 

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