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Better guidelines and contracts with artists and publishers

Better guidelines and contracts with artists and publishers

I've complained about this before (see: ) and I'm seriously getting irritated with songs or artists suddenly changing in de Spotify DB.


It happend to me again with the single "Eat Sleep Rave Repeat" by Fatboy Slim. I had the single as a playlist.


* First the original remix by Calvin Harris greyed out which only left the 2 remixes, the original song was nowhere to be found on Spotify.

* Then suddenly one of the two remixes also greyed out and the original song disapeared from the playlist.

* After which suddenly the whole playlist was empty and none of the three songs were anywhere to be found.

* Now I can find the single again ( Fatboy Slim – Eat Sleep Rave Repeat ) but it only contains the original song and the 2 remixes are nowhere to be found.


I'm getting very irritated that songs and artists can suddenly move around in the the Spotify DB without notice or anything.


Can your dev's please build a notification scheme so users get notified to when and why songs and or artists get changed. Also maybe provide better guidelines to your partners so moving and changing of songs or artists is minimized.


I think you can understand this can be seriously frustrating to your users, specially when the change is sudden and your users are left to discover it on their own.

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This feature has been requested over on the Ideas Exchange here so make sure you have added your vote there.

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