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Why is it impossible to block artists? I have noticed some times when I'm playing radio, I get an option to block a song. If I'm lucky I even get to block artist, but in 90% of the times when I'm listening to radio, I can only 'like' a song. Why is it so random?

And it also seem like it doesn't work at all. There is one artist I'm sure I have probably blocked a few times, but he keeps showing up when playing radio


Searching on Google for a solution, I have only found some people mentioning that you can do that on apple phones

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You can't block because people like Beyonce pay to stay on the front page.
I mean is ANYONE looking for the new Willow album? Not a chance. But it's paid space.
The "new release" list is worthless because of this.


EDIT- No it's not a feature on apple phones either.

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