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Bring Back My Saved Artist

Bring Back My Saved Artist

When I save music to my library it should be as simple as storing a list of the artist, albums, and songs I have saved and then having the option to sort through those and further see them organized alphabetically. I have seen this function in other desktop media players and noted that it seems to be a pretty common feature across the board, even in the year 2019. In fact, now that I think about it, Spotify also had this functionality for some good time until as recently as an hour ago when I closed and reopened the program. The recent change of getting rid of all of my stuff in favor of a new and improved "recommended" artist section is just bad and I'm not to thrilled to see that my entire library is gone. Yeah most of the artist I had saved seem to be in this new list, but so are a bunch of artist I don't know/don't want/bring my alphabetical saved artist list back. Overall this creates a much much much worse user experience and I hate it enough to complain.

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