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Buffering while playing podcasts (my internet speed is not the problem)

Buffering while playing podcasts (my internet speed is not the problem)







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Windows 10


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I'm having an issue with playing podcasts that took me back to the early 2000's - buffering... About every 30-60 seconds the audio will stop, buffer for 5-10 seconds and then continue for 30-60 seconds and... you get the idea.

Before you ask... my internet connection is definitely not the problem. I live in Denmark, so my internet is stable at 460/60 Mbit (enough to download GTA V in 20 minutes) connection; I'm running on Ethernet/LAN. Nor is my RAM the culprit as I still have about 8 GBs free


Please help me. Buffering only happens on podcasts, not on music (or Netflix and YouTube)

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Hey @RavenSk,


Thanks for your reply and for the info shared 🙂


Just to confirm, is this happening on a different account? It'd be awesome if you could check. You can ask for the account of a relative or a friend to open their account or your devices and check.

On another note, it'd be awesome if you could share with us a podcast episode in which you noticed the described behavior. This'll help us to looking into it more thoroughly, since we'll try to replicate it. 


Lastly, would you mind sharing with us the exact make/model and OS of the affected devices along with the Spotify version you have running in both?


Keep us in the loop!

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This issue is over 3 years old and I am still seeing it occur. Is there still no solution to this problem?

Hey @DustyJames,

Thanks for reaching out.

Can you please let us know your device model, OS version, Spotify version, and which of the troubleshooting steps in this thread you've tried so far?

Looking forward to your reply.

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i just cancelled my spotify premium because of this buffering issue, its been happening to me whenever i watch JRE for the past year or so, i have a 50 megabyte per second line and 16 gb ram free on my powerful gaming pc.. it makes any video podcast unwatchable. for me its like 10 seconds buffering and then 10 seconds playing. i now open spotify in my browser and run an ad blocker on it because its not like they are going to fix the issue or refund me. watching jre is the only reason i spent 2 years using their service

i live in a house with 3 spotify accounts on 3 different pcs and they all have this issue and it is synchronized when it happens, so its obviously a spotify server issue. even tho our bandwidth is 50megabyte per second, our computers are all new and have no ram or cpu issues, honestly i feel robbed because the only reason i paid spotify was to watch JRE and it just stop starts literally every time i watch it even when i tell spotify you use as much bandwidth as possible, honestly JRE needs to get off this terrible platform so people can actually view his content. i cant even download the podcasts with video... its honestly pathetic 

the solution is to cancel spotify subscription, they dont care. i have the issue for over a year and recently cancelled, feeling great about it. if you dont want ad's on it then open spotify in brower and sun an ad blocker, they deserve it at this point. 

im sure he has tried every fix and found that the problem is spotifies fault, just like everyone else over the past few years, the service is dog.. water. 

1. Check your internet speed first you may refer to

2. Close The Application If In Windows

3. Clear the temp file

4. Start The Application & Check!!!!

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