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[Bug] Desktop app resizing library page

[Bug] Desktop app resizing library page

Desktop app keeps resizing library page after opening app in full screen and than in windowed mode

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Hi there @cds1389,


Thanks for the post.


If you have the UI fully zoomed-out the size of the menus will change slightly when switching from full-screen mode and windowed mode. This also largely depends on your monitor resolution and your Windows Scale and layout - you can try changing those around to see if it has any effect.


If the UI size is changing dramatically, it could be an issue with some app files. Try doing a full clean reinstall of the app, following this guide to start fresh. 


Hope this helps.

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I wanted to adress the same issue! It's annoying. It only saves wether you have it completely minimized (playlist and folder icons only) or open. As soon as you exit fullscreen the library is back to wide if you had it narrowed. Hope it gets fixed soon :')

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