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[Bugreport] [Windows] Bug is appearing when you are selecting a track in a playlist.

[Bugreport] [Windows] Bug is appearing when you are selecting a track in a playlist.





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Здравствуйте! На днях нашел маленький баг: если нажать на картинку трека, то он выделяется ведь в плейлисте синей рамкой. Так вот, к примеру, я слушаю 5 по списку трек, при нажатии на картинку он мне обрамит 5-й трек. Если я отсортирую плейлист по названию, дате добавления или по альбому (неважно по какому пункту) и снова нажму на картинку трека, то он все равно обрамит 5-й трек, хотя текущий трек будет на, к примеру, 20-ом месте.



Hello. I am writing to report a bug. The thing is, when you click on the track cover, it is highlighted with a blue border in the current playlist. So, e.g. if I'm listening to the fifth track in a playlist, then when I click on its cover, it will not be highlighted. Then, if I sort the playlist by name, date, or album and click on the track cover again, it will still highlight the fifth track, even though the current track is at a different number in the playlist.



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Hi there @Radmar1n,


Thanks for reaching out in the Community about this and pointing it out.


So the way the blue highlight works is that it shows you which spot in the playlist a certain track had originally before sorting the playlist by Date/Artist etc. This is expected behavior.


The song that's playing at the moment will have it's data colored green so you know which song is playing .


Hope this clears things up 🙂


Don't hesitate to reach out again if you have more questions.

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