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Can't disable crossfade (2 minutes of each song lost)

Can't disable crossfade (2 minutes of each song lost)







Operating System

Win 8.1


My Question or Issue



I have crossfade disabled, yeat each song I play this week starts about 1 minute  into the song, then drops about a minute from the end, then does the same on the next song.


I tried enabling crossfade and sliding to zero, with the same result.


Doesn't make a great deal of sense.


Any ideas?


This didn't happen last week.


Mr D

EDIT: Songs are crossfading very radomly e.g. 1 song crossafded 55 seconds into next song, then the next 3 minutes into the following song  😕

2 Replies

Hey there @mrdeanmurray,

thanks for posting in the community !


This sounds pretty weird.

I know it sounds too easy but have you tried reinstalling the app ?


Waiting on your update 😃



Thanks for the reply. I should have said, yes, I tried uninstalling a re-installing, with no change.

Weirdly, without doing anything, it seems to have stopped misbehaving on it's own. 😕

I will update this post it it starts playing up again, but for now, I'm happy 🙂


Thanks again


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