Can't find my mp3 folder when trying to add them to spotify


Can't find my mp3 folder when trying to add them to spotify






Dell Vostro

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Windows 10


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I always sorted my mp3's in folders according to their publishing formats (one folder for singles, one for albums etc.) Lately i started sorting them by Bands (Rammstein songs go to Rammstein folder, Slipknot songs go to Slipknot folder etc.)


The Thing is, I have added my mp3's to spotify when i still sorted them according to their publishing formats (singles - albums) and now when i started sorting them in a different way (one folder for each band) (hence changing their location on my C:) they vanished from my spotify (they are unplayable) and i understand that. I deleted the unplayable songs and wanted to replace them with the new mp3's.


When i opened my Local File finder and went into the location where I store my mp3's I could still see the deleted sorting folders (Singles, Albums etc.) and not the band name folders.

There is no way to access these files for me.


Is there a way to update the Local File Finder so i don't see the deleted folders and instead the new ones?

I would be glad if you guys help me.

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Re: Can't find my mp3 folder when trying to add them to spotify


Hey there @Makodero,

Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community! We'll gladly help you out with this one. 

We recommend  that you do clean reinstall of the app. This way you make sure that no leftover files from the previous import of local files remain. You can find the steps for that here. Afterwards you should also check your host files. This page has the details on how to do this. You should be then able to import your music using these instructions. Just make sure that all files are from official sources. 

If that doesn't work you can always post a couple of screenshots of how the folders are displayed.

Hope this helps. Keep us posted.

Have a great day!

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