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Can´t hear anythign when palying at Spotify App

Can´t hear anythign when palying at Spotify App






PC Lenovo W530


Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

While I can hear when using the Spotify web, I can't when using the app.

I am palying it at my phone and can select my PC as device but as soon as I select my PC I can´t hear anything, if I select back my phone then I will hear the music. In my PC, I see the song progress bar that is moving indicating that is playing but I cannot hear anything.

If I play anything else in my PC (youtube, local music or audio) all works fine it is just the spotify app that I can´t hear


I have reinstalled like 4 times but the same is over an over. I have clear the cache, do not know what else to do.

I was out of the country and worked well but now that I back it is not workign at all.


I saw that other person have had problems with a Windows update, wonderign if that is what happened to me.


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Hello, I have been a longtime Spotify user on a variety of devices and have not had this same issue where I start Spotify on my Windows 10 tower PC and I can see the music playing but I can't hear anything. I will start up another music service like Pandora and the sound works just fine. Same thing if I start up YouTube. I will now uninstall/resinstall and hope it works. Stay tuned...

I just reinstalled Spotify and it worked. I read where I need to download any music saved to this device but small price for hearing my music again. Actually, since this my tower PC and is always connected to the network with an ethernet cable, I don't download to this device anyway. 

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