Can't log into Spotify from Windows 10.

Can't log into Spotify from Windows 10.

As the title says, I am unable to log into the PC client on windows 10 as it says the username/password is incorrect Error 4.

The password is not incorrect, as it works on Android and the web portal. Also the reset password link from the app also doesn't work. So it looks like the app is not connecting to the internet.


I have tried turning off my firewall and reinstalling the Spotify app to no avail and have restarted my PC.


From what I can tell about this issue from the little research I have done, it is an old bug that still isn't fixed. I was going to switch from Google Music to Spotify but after this problem, and the fact it's years old I'm starting to reconsider...


Unless is issue is fixed, I'll continue to give Google my money.

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Hey @Katze!


Have you tried this?


Let me know how it goes!

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