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Can't log into the app

Can't log into the app

I logged out from the app a few days ago and I cannot get back in.


Upon opening the Spotify app I have the option to "Login" but upon clicking on it it tells me to log in through the browser, so I did. I am signed in to my Spotify through the browser but I still can't get into the app no matter what I do.

Its like my app is bugged or something.


I tried reinstalling but it doesn't work.


Please help



I have a Premium account

I am from Czech republic


using windows 10




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Hi @AlejaR

i think changing the proxy type won't help here because this is only for the connection which will be eastablished after the browser is opened / working.


but chaning the default browser works. I'm wondering why the spotify-app is the only one (so far) on my system which doesn't work with my default browser (maybe that's why i didn't had this idea). - Anyway, now the browser is opened.




Hey @Andrejko1,


Thanks for posting in the Community.


Are you using a VPN by any chance? Try turning it off.

Also try using a different internet connection for the login attempt, e.g. a hot spot from your phone.

Talking about mobile devices, are you able to login to the mobile app?

Keep us posted.



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Hey Dian,


I am not using any VPN.

My mobile app is working just fine, I didn't have any problems logging in. Same for my browser(I am using Brave, not sure if that isn't the problem).


My app was running fine for a long time until I decided to log out, and now I can't get back in.


Thanks for the reply 

Have a nice day 


Hey @Andrejko1,


Thanks for your reply and for the info you kindly shared.


In this case, we'd suggest changing the default browser you've set on your computer to check if you notice any difference. To do it, you can follow the steps you can find in this article. We'd suggest setting up Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome to see how it goes.


Once you've done this, try logging in. Select the Login button and you should be redirected to the browser you set as default before. Then, insert your credentials and select the Continue to the app button. You'll be redirected to the app and it might take several seconds for the app to open your account, so we'd suggest waiting at least 10 seconds.


If that doesn't do the trick, would you mind sharing with us the Spotify version you're running on your computer? You can check this on the Control Panel> Programs> Programs and features> version. 


Keep us in the loop!

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Started up my PC, opened Spotify app, wanted me to log in through browser. I click on "login", does nothing. I click on try again, brings me back to the previous page, click on "login" still nothing, no matter how much I do this or how long I wait


I open Spotify in browser,  I'm logged in on there.  I log out, log in again, still nothing, wants me to login in browser. I even tried to open a song in the app through browser, but is just keeps suggesting to login... through the browser...

It doesn't let me try to login in any other way


What can I do?



(Windows 10 Pro, Google Chrome/App, PC)


Hey @ChaoticGoodRat,


Thanks for reaching out! We moved your post here, hope you don't mind 🙂

Take a look at the proposed solution by @AlejaR, it should help you out!
In case it doesn't, please provide us with the requested details and we'll take a further look at what can be done.

Much appreciated!

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