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Can't play certain songs

Can't play certain songs






CPU: i7 9700k

GPU: 980ti


Ehternet Connection

Operating System

Windows 10 Pro


My Question or Issue

I can't play certain songs that is outside playlists. It's not always the same songs. And only the top 10 songs will play on the artists page.


I have done following thing:

1. Reinstalled Spotify, both from the website and on Microsoft Store.


Procedure i did for this: Signed out from Spotify on all devices. Uninstalled Spotify on all devices. Deleted the storage on all devices and their directories. Deleted all the Reg edit directories for Spotify. Restarted PC. Downloaded latest version( from Microsoft Store.


3. Tried 3 different older versions of Spotify, but the issue still persists. Can't remember the versions.


4. Scanned for malware and virus.



The other device i have Spotify installed on is Apple iPhone SE, and the app works flawlessly both on local Wi-Fi and on 4G network.



Not sure what the issue is but i had this for a long time.



Any help or suggestion for this problem?



Best regards

7 Replies

Hey! thanks for reaching out to the Spotify Community,

Could you tell me if your system is up to date, if its not that could be the reason.
Also I would say try clearing your cache, that has helped simiar issues in the past.


Hi Jack.


First off, thanks for the quick response!


I have Windows 10 Version 1809. The OS-Version is 17763.475.


I've tried clearing the cache several times. All components except the GPU is brand new a month back. So not sure if it's related somehow with that.

Hey @mr-headbanger again,


Can you try downloading the Windows store version. This version seems to be less buggy.


Let me know,

Jack 🙂

Hello again,


I've reinstalled with the Windows Store version again. It still have issues playing certain songs outside playlists. Seems random from song to song and which version i download.  Not sure if it could be network related?


Another familymember have no issues on any device. I will try to do a backup of my PC and do a clean Windows installation this weekend. Might help.

Hey again @mr-headbanger 


Can you try using a different device and tell me if you have the same issue?


Jack 🙂

I have no other device at the moment in the household.


But it seems to be fixed now. Today after work i signed out from all devices and also the browser, nothing i did before...


Turned off my phone. Then i uninstalled the Microsoft Store Spotify. Re-installed it from the Microsoft Store again. And signed back in on the PC. Restarted the phone meanwhile and it all just works! My PC as a playing device also pops up in my phone when i signed in.


I have no issues with only playing top-ten songs and i do no longer need to add the rest of the songs in playlists in order to listen to them. Random songs that pops up in my "suggestion feed" works superb now.


I'll come back if i get any problem, as of now i am glad this is solved(hopefully forever). Perfect start of the weekend!



Thanks for the help Jack. Kudos for the support!

Glad to hear that! 🙂

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