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Can't play local files


Can't play local files

I installed Spotify yesterday and I can't play any local file in it.

I saw the problem and some 'solution' here on the forum, but nothing works for me.

I reinstalled. My quicktime player says its uptodate.

I checked the mixer thru the icon in my systray.

All the files play in all the other progs like iTunes, Winampt etc.

If I choose a file from Spotify it does play. But a soon as it is a local file it doesn't do anything.

I don't get an error or something. And it looks as if the song is playing, looking at the buttons at the bottom, and a speaker in green next to the name Local files at the left.

But I don't hear anything


I was wondering, should I have the option in Windows explorer like 'open with..' from Spotify? Cause it isn't there. Not in the menu and not in the other program's


Using windows 7 Ultimate and most recent version of Spotify. At least I assume, cause I downloaded it from het site here.

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So Spotify is basically forcing us to either install those code things or another player? Well goodjob Spotify with all the money they get we should expect something that would actually work

hey i had the same problem and idk if someone already said this solution but all you have to do is right click your local song and go down to "unlink track". Hope this helps. Happy listening!

I managed to fix it on both my computers by installing an older version of spotify and when it asks about replacing say yes and then updating it to the latest version again.

I had same problem used newer computer and all my local files played

The ogg one worked for me!! (you may not need the other one)

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