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Can't play songs from albums, specifically.

Can't play songs from albums, specifically.

I can play a given song off of any playlist. I can play a given song off of a search. I can play all of my liked songs, "radio" stations, etc. Everything works, EXCEPT:

If I go directly to a specific album and play it, or try to play any song individually from it on the album's main list, it simply does nothing.

I have tried reinstalling several times and have tried restarting, logging in and out again, all to no avail. This is pretty upsetting because listening to an entire album is BY FAR my preferred method and having to remake playlists for every album I want to listen to listen to seems a little absurd.

Any idea what could be going on here?

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Also having this problem. On Windows 10 Desktop app.

Also having this problem for months now alongside with not working Spotify Connect and broken discord activity.

The hosts file is crystal clean, tried to do "clean install" several times no luck either. Win11 premium, web version of Spotify works fine apparently. Solution i found is to use the older version "spotify-1-1-77-643" and block the updates.  The downside is not working listening history sync between pc and mobile. Hope it helps.

Hey everyone!

This sounds very similar to this Ongoing Issue. I understand they're not the exact same, but it seems likely that they could be related.

Please read the status update section of this post, and follow its instructions.

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