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Can't read the **bleep** screen

Can't read the **bleep** screen

I don't know .. is it me? Do the people running Spotify just not give a monkey's? I have read other complaints about the seriously stupid black background, grey text that means the screen is very hard to read. I am a software developer. I use my computer all day. I am turning the brightness up to some mad level just to be able to try to read the Spotify screen. People complain - nothing happens! It's not as if Spotify doesn't keep installing itself over and over again. Okay, have Amazon Prime ... just got an Amazon Firestick. Seriously, last chance here guys. Change the home screen or I am off. It's a fag to recreate my music lists but, hey-ho, it will have to be done. I'm not going to keep paying £10 a month to people who ignore their customers.

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HI @Webskater please try a re install and tell me what happens. Thanks!

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