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Can't view Facebook friends when I click 'Find Friends'- error screen

Can't view Facebook friends when I click 'Find Friends'- error screen

When I open the desktop app, I can view my Facebook friend's activity on the right side of the app. When I scroll down to the bottom, it gives me the option to 'find friends' so I can find and follow my other Facebook friends.

I receive the attached error. I have removed my Facebook account and readded it and attempted to update all the information on my account in case that was the issue. Nothing seems to work. 


spotify friend issue.PNG
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Hi Mate  unbreakablekay,



Please Make Sure That From Facebook Settings - Apps & Website Option You Have Given All The Permission  To Spotify.. And The Preferences Below Is Also Turned On.. If Everything Seems Okay Here.. Then Request You To Kindly Wait For Sometime If The Issue Gets Resolved.. Sometimes Spotify Brings Updates To Their System For Betterment.. So Sometimes What Happen, What You Get To See, Other Might Not..  If This The Reason, Then It Will Get Resolved Later In The Day.. If Still Problem Exists.. Not To Worry At All.. There Are Some Excellent Spotify Tech Expert Users As Well As Rockstars And Moderators.. They Will Surely Assist You The Perfect Way.. However, I Have Casted A Vote For The Issue In Your Support..



Thanking You..






Rahul Haldar - Diehard & Loyal Fan Of Spotify

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