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Cannot change profile picture

Cannot change profile picture

Plan - Premium

Country - Netherlands

Device - Windows 10 pc


If I change my picture in the desktop app it shows it changed on the page but does not update at the top, see attachments as example. If I go in incognito mode in chrome and open my spotify I cannot see the picture, when I restart spotify the client does not see the image, it has been like this for months I thought If I wait long enough it will get fixed, but it seems not.


I googled and reinstalled spotify completely and rebooted PC in between, so is this my problem? I can remove my avatar, but now I cannot set one anymore.


b3r3ndd is my spotify account name.


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Hi there @b3r3ndd,

thanks for reaching out !


Please find this fixed "ongoing issue" thread on what you're experiencing.

It contains all the thread posted by users around the community and a fix suggested by the Spotify support team.


Let me know if that works for you 🙂

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