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Cannot connect - error code 4

Cannot connect - error code 4

Last week at work I restarted my PC and now Spotify will not connect. I am behind an HTTPS proxy, my settings are correct. Nothing has changed in my work's network - this is an issue with Spotify.


I have reinstalled twice, I have cleared the proxy settings too.


If I download the full installer for version 0.9 this does work. I can put in my proxy settings and stream music. If I let Spotify update to version it no longer works.


Also, if I prefix my proxy host with the protocol (https://) your settings page splits on the colon when I save. So proxy host is 'http' and proxy port is '//'. This may well be the issue, as previously I had to include the protocol prefix to connect.


As for now I am downgrading to 0.9 so I can continue to use Spotify (the web player crashes a lot...).

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Thanks Spotify support for investigating this issue and getting back to me. Oh wait, you didn't.

I just installed v and the proxy is still broken.


Nine months, Spotify. Nine months since I reported this.

I updated to and the proxy support is still broken.



I sitll cannot connect with an HTTPS proxy in 1.0.60.


Why is this not more of an issue with Spotify? People use HTTPS proxies.

Using version and the problem remains..

OK, so I had thi issue for litterally half a  year only on my computer. No matter what I tried there was an Error code 4. The only reason why I continued my subscription was becasue it worked perfect on my phone.

The spotify help was useless. I had multiple 3 to 4 hour talks and waits on my phone trying to fix this but nothing helped.

So I finally found a solution that worked for me, no other solution worked and I tried everything even editing my registery.


So my fix is.

1. Right click on the internet icon on youyr desktop bar

2.Then click 'Network and internet settings

3.Then click 'Network reset

4. Restart your computer and boom it should work

As I said no other solution worked for me. If this doesn't work for you than I feel sorry cause not having access to online on a pc is very bad.

Hope this helps!

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