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Spotify Connect not seeing Phone (Web Player does)

Spotify Connect not seeing Phone (Web Player does)

So for a while now my Desktop/Laptop clients can't find my Phone unless I toggle my Wi-Fi (From connect -> disconnect or vica versa)


The web client always sees my phone immediaty. My phone also sees my Desktop/Laptop. What can I do?

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I have the same issue, although this is not an issue for me and it is because my work place blocks a lot of outgoing and incoming connection.

While my phone is not on the wifi but just on mobile data, the web app is able to discover it, but my work pc is not.
At home, I don't have the issue at all.

Make sure there aren't any firewalls blocking the ports needed for Spotify.
Also make sure your device is discoverable and you don't have a private session going on.


It is possible there are also ongoing issues with "Spotify Connect" but I couldn't find anything myself 

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The weird thing is that if I am on Wi-Fi I have to get off to connect. And if I am off Wi-Fi I have to get on Wi-Fi. So it seems that the connectivity change is enough for it to pop up.

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