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Cannot drag songs to top of the queue

Cannot drag songs to top of the queue

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Windows 10 - Desktop




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On the new UI, for some reason I cannot drag a song to the top of the queue if the screen must scroll to reach the top. If I drag the song to the top of the screen, it does not auto scroll. Dragging songs down the queue works, just not up the queue. Here's a video/GIF demonstration of the issue. I've tested that it indeed works on the Web and Mac Desktop versions.


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same version as you, I am running Windows 10

And dragging upwards scrolls up for you?

Note that we're talking about the queue list specifically. Dragging up and down works fine in any other playlist; it's just the queue list that is broken for whatever reason.


Sorry to be persistent, but this has been driving me crazy for almost a year now.

Sorry I misread that it was about the queue. I don't use that feature (just my own playlists) I queued up a bunch of songs and scrolling doesn't work. When I had posted earlier that it was working, I was talking about my playlists as the scrolling had stopped working for some time.

Hey folks,

Thank you for keeping in contact. 

We appreciate the time you're taking reporting this issue and keeping us in the loop. As an updated version of the app was released recently, we'd first recommend performing a clean reinstall of the app. This is often an overlooked step, but it’s more thorough than a regular one and can be helpful to get rid of any cache of previous versions that might be causing troubles scrolling up in the queue. 

Also, could you try in the Web Player to see if it makes any difference? This will give us a better look at the issue to keep investigating.


We'll be on the lookout.

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I already did a clean install of the last version (which again is and the bug persists.

It's the same in the web player (tried in Fireforx and Chrome).


By the way, the person who had posted that they had the issue fixed has just confirmed that they were looking at a regular playlist, not the queue. They just realized they also see this issue in their queue list. 

Hey @slug_camargo,

Thank you for keeping in contact and for sharing that information.

This case is now being investigated by the relevant team in this thread. Any updates in the case would be posted there. We appreciate the time you took reporting this issue.


If you need to add new info, we'd recommend adding it in the thread mentioned above so we can have all the information in one place. Thanks for your patience and understanding.


If anything else comes up, don't hesitate to ask. 

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I've had a same problem but with a playlist. I've re-installed the app but still doesn't work. Anyway to fix it?

Hi there, 50 days since your post and nothing has changed. Has Spotify ever attempted to fix this relevant glitch?

Spotify for Windows -

Can't drag songs up in my playlists. I've reinstalled Spotify and it didn't work. No updates available. I have something like 100+ tracks in 500+ playlist to organize so it would be time consuming to drag and drop up by a little bits.

CAN anyone just fix this? Im paying full premium for what??? A broken UI that doesnt work,  


Might Tidal be better choice if this keeps getting ignored almost year people saying this problem, yet no real fixes just copy/paste  ,  Answer.

Encountered this problem today even though it worked fine before on the same PC...

@lubos Clever workaround. You're hired. 🙂 $$$

So, apparently we have to vote to get a bug fixed. As a software developer, this is a foreign concept to me.

The issue was closed January 2022. I wonder if this is not a pervasive bug, otherwise many people would complain and keep after it. Drag-reorder used to work for me on Windows, only recently has it begun failing. This is a rather tedious problem when managing my long lists.

How do we get this issue reopened? And how many votes are needed? How can we campaign for it? (Frankly, this is a stupid support model. A dev team can't tell when a bug is significantly impactful to users?)

This started to happen to me yesterday. I've already deleted and reinstalled the app and still not working. The scrolling down works fine but the scrolling up doesn't work at all. 

having this problem for the first time. it works in my web player, but not the desktop application for some reason

I am just now experiencing this problem. Spotify for Windows


Edit: Updated to Spotify for Windows and issue still persists. 

after once update few weeks ago i noticed that i can't drag song to top order.

so, i made clean reinstall and it still not working.

windows 10, version

There’s a work around (I’m pretty sure it’s not a fix though): if we drag the song(s) up with the cursor over the two arrows (< >) on the top left corner, it works! 

Im also having this same issue and the most recent update sadly didnt fix it.

At this point, I don't think there is a "right team". This bug was solved, now it's happening again. Spotify is so bugged at so many levels, that's just incredible.

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