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Certain songs in playlist not available (not local files)

Certain songs in playlist not available (not local files)

I recently got a new computer and I have two playlists. One with ~300 songs and another with ~650. I noticed that it was skipping a lot of songs saying that they weren't available. I turned on shows unplayable songs and it shows about 90 songs as unplayable in the 650 song playlist and around 60 in the 300 song one.


I've tried everything to fix this:

- turn off high quality streaming

- disabled local files folder

- reinstalled spotify

- tried using the windows store version

- cleared the cache


I've tried everything and none of that worked. This the same songs are also unavailable on my Macbook. All of these songs are playable on my phone however.


I tried making a playlist with all the songs that are unavailable on my pc and the songs in that newly created playlist would show up as unplayable on my phone, but those same songs would be playable on my phone from the old playlist.


The only way I got it to work so far was to search up and add the song back to the playlist.


Is this my only solution? Because having to search up and add over 100+ songs again is a tedious task that I shouldn't really have to do.

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