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Change custom playlist sort order other than drag 'n' drop?

Change custom playlist sort order other than drag 'n' drop?

I frequently organize large playlists with the custom sort option. Unfortunately, the process with drag 'n' drop is really inefficient. For example, if I add a new song to a playlist with 500 songs, I have to drag it to the title column for the playlist to start scrolling to the top. The closer my mouse is to the colored banner with the playlist name, the faster it scrolls. But I can't touch the banner or the scrolling instantly stops.


This is really annoying, as it takes about 20 seconds to place a song at the top of the aforementioned playlist. Sadly the scrollwheel and all shortcut keys (such as Home) are disabled during drag 'n' drop operations. 


But perhaps there's a different way to change the sort order that I just haven't discovered yet?

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Hi @TheJanzap,


Thanks for posting in the Spotify Community!


One method that works for me in order to add a song exactly where I’d like it to be in the playlist using Custom order (without having to drag the song up), is utilizing the “filter” feature.


To filter your playlist, you can click on this icon at the top:




If you enter a search term for the song that is right next to the spot in the playlist where you’d like to add the new song, you can drag the new song into the playlist (either above or below the filtered result); and as you hover your cursor above or below the filtered track, a green line should appear.


For example, here I was adding "Repeater" by King Buffalo to the top of this playlist, directly above "The Hidden Step" by Ozric Tentacles:






After adding the new song, and removing the search term from the playlist’s filter (by clicking the “X” icon in the filter’s search field), the new song should then show up right where you intended to place it:




I hope this helps, and let me know if you have any other questions.


Have a good day!

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@TreyAnastasio Thanks for the hint! While trying out your solution, I found an even easier method: Just drag the song that you want to add over to the left side where all your playlists are located. After one second, the playlist opens at the top and you can simply drop it in.


Of course if you need to organize the songs in the middle of a playlist, your method is the way to go!

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