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Changes to Friend Activity

Changes to Friend Activity

With Friend Activity you can see what your friends are listening to. Personally, I love Friend Activity because I can really get to know my friends’ tastes in music and dive right into what they’re listening to.


As of recently, if you want to continue sharing what you're listening to, you will need to enable it for your followers in Settings. If you’ve never turned this setting on before, you’ll need to turn it on to share your activity with your followers. This way, you’re always in control of what you’re sharing.




Also, you may find that you don't see much activity from those you follow - that's because they might not have turned this setting on yet. Let them know you want to dig in on the cool stuff they're listening to! 


Check out this article for more information about Friend Activity. 


You can also block followers if you don’t want them to view your listening activity. Check out the steps under: ‘Block someone’ here for more information.

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i still cannot believe you have done this… 


i don’t know why but my anxiety has been through the roof since i found out about this. spotify you’re actually messing with my health… maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration to you but you have no idea how much i enjoyed seeing what people were listening to. 


not once did i think it was an “invasion of privacy”… music is music. people have different tastes. you find new music by seeing what others are listening to. 


 taking away the one thing that made my life better, made my day go faster and a little bit easier, you’ve taken that away from me.


and for what reason exactly? because you want to respect and protect peoples “privacy“ “safety”…


well if that was the case - why did you have this default “on”  for over a decade? some update like this should’ve been taken care of over the first few months/ A YEAR AFTER the platform has launched … not a whole decade later ….


tell me i’m wrong please … 

i honestly feel the same, i've been trying hard to find a way to connect with Bradley Steven Perry and it never lasted long enough, just when i thought i had a permanent one cause let's face it who would be bored of music? some **bleep** comes up with a lovely idea without thinking twice and bam! Here it goes again! Him being an actor makes it hard to have a conversation with! Well done Daniel Ek!

please revert this update. that’s all we’re asking. i don’t understand why you won’t. 


a lot of people that i was following weren’t “big accounts” so they won’t have got your stupid emails about this update/change. and i cannot get in contact with them to kindly ask them to switch on their sharing … 


you’re causing this music app to have a lot of problems. expect the volume of users to drop majorly over the coming months.. this is a disgrace. 


spotify was the SUPERIOR MUSIC APP !!! now it’s just a load of xxxx  



off all my friends in there, i only listened to Bradley's songs, they had a similar issue a few years back(stated in the link i posted above)

go like this post


spread volumes on this so more people know about it. make sure to vote so it’s gets recognised!!!! 

I have the same issue !

Hey there @LanderLander


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community. 


We can confirm that the default setting for sharing your listening activity with friends was changed to off with a recent update. This means that those who had it on before without explicitly setting it on, now have it switched off. This would explain why you can't see your friends in your feed any more. In this case, you can let your friends know of this change and ask them to turn it on in their settings if they want to share their listening activity.


In case they've already done that, we suggest that you try logging out and then logging back in two times in a row on your device. It sounds a bit odd, but it forces a sync between the account and your device. 


Let us know how it goes. 

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Seriously Spotify, just the amount of time I lost in this week after this sad date Nov 29th when my once bustling friend activity silenced down to five users. I logged in and out like a million times, re-installed, tried other laptops, re-installed again. I probably spent hours on finding a solution, even followed your Twitter account for crashes because I thought something like this was happening. Only after a week I found this Spotify Community I found out what as actually happening – and which explained why my Friend Feed was still working in general, but I could only see a few people.

You have staged the worst communication ever (for a change that I still do not quite grasp, especially since your concern for user privacy is not so profound if one checks your terms and conditions), so please at least revert this mistake by using appropriate measures for informing users (there are good ideas circulating out there). It is actually depressing me right now to open my Spotify App.

contacting support is like hosting a revolution against political ruling system(useless) they are ignorant and tell you to do the obvious steps which actually doesn't help at all and moreover they keep insisting on their idea and it ends up feeling like your talking to a brick wall, we need to take more serious actions against it

and his bio says enjoy music😂

shoutout to 



On top of that, the friend activity was only visible if you follow someone, which already makes perfect sense.

If I'm allowing someone to follow my instagram, they get to see the pictures I post. 

If I'm allowing someone to follow me on Spotify, why would I not share my listening activity with them?

What else are they following me for? My user ID? 


This update is just wrong in so many level. ..”

do you all agree with my plan?

My friend activity a few days ago.  Changing the setting does not work.  So Spotify "changed" something to currently turn it off.   I like Spotify, they just do somethings that make no sense.   LOL.

Yeah. Mine left and the setting doesn't help. They made a change and it messed it up. The responses don't understand that.

The friend activity is not working.  The setting doesn't make a difference.   And  🙂 using this chat is clunky.  Maybe it's some setting.  But.......  LOL

Yeah. Agree. I really like Spotify. I just have my friends set to off and I can't change it. The support can't help at this time. "life". 🙂

Spotify just blew off friends for many. Their "tech" support is clueless or is no help. Hey. They are don't care. Not impressed.

My friend activity is asking me to enable "share my listening activity on Spotify". I've toggled the setting on and off, but nothing. I've reinstalled (3 times!), restarted, logged out, nothing. I noticed a week before my friends feed broke the activity stopped updating. A bunch of other people also seem to have this problem.


Windows 11




hello, i have enabled everything, but it doesn't work. does anyone knows why?

Error spotify.png

I'm not sure if there's a specific reason why this feature is let's say partially removed because more and more people can't manually revert the sharing feature back, but here is some food for thought, the reason why we like and need this kind of feature in the present day:

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