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Click to play one song and it plays another

Click to play one song and it plays another

After the latest update to spotify desktop app on Windows, whenever I go to play a song from the "Artist From Your Music" page it doesn't play the song I clicked to play. Instead it just plays a random song. Turning shuffle off doesn't solve the problem either. If I view the artist's page and select a song to play there, it will play that song normally. It appears to only happen on the "Artist From Your Music" page and its really annoying. I have to turn shuffle off and click 'Next' until I get to the song I wanted to listen to.

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Yep, same here. I think what's happening is that Spotify is selecting the song as if the playlist was in order of recently added, instead of alphabetically by song or album (or however you have it organized).


I was having the issue that Spotify would only let me play the song at the top of the list. The most recent update fixed that particular issue, but it's still acting like the playlist is in order of recently added.


On top of all that, the option to reorder playlists is just gone, and I don't usually keep my saved music in order of recently added, so I'm basically forced to pick songs blind.

There seems to be a bug in the latest version of Spotify. Whenever I click on a track from an album it plays the first track on the album. How on earth this has happened, goodness knows. It's making listening to music rather impossible. Apparently Spotify know about the bug which makes me wonder if they have had work experience kids doing the last update.

This issue seems to have been fixed!

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