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Cover Art for certain songs in Local Files not showing?

Cover Art for certain songs in Local Files not showing?

So I spent hours editing tons of music tags using MP3 Diags Unstable, fixing titles, albums, artists, and cover art. I changed my Local Files folder to the folder with all the music, and most of the music synced perfectly, except for a few songs. These songs don't show cover art even though I did give them their correct cover art. Whatever was the cover art of the last song, is what it will show as the cover art, and it changes with every other song that I play. I thought maybe I didn't apply them correctly, so I redid them, and no luck. I opened them in Windows Media Player and ITunes where they opened perfectly with no errors, but on Spotify, it still had the same problem. Any help?


GIF of Problem:



Operating System

Windows 10 

2 Replies

Hello @YamiXV!


Does any of the songs that doesn't show artwork have any apostrophes in the fail's path/name?


Yeah, I just saw that when going over the songs, on mobile the cover art perfectly, but on Desktop they don't. I was trying to find what was similar between the songs and noticed they all had apostrophes.

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