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Crossfade playing not working with some songs?

Crossfade playing not working with some songs?

I found a weird bug when crossfade is not working with this album

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Hey @Denial94 thanks for posting on the Community! There's a thread here on what to do when encountering playback issues. I'm pasting the relevant instructions below for reporting:


It’s playing but doesn’t sound right? 

If you notice a track or album that isn't playing correctly (i.e. only playing one second of music), first see if the same thing happens when you: 

  • Restart the app.
  • Restart your device.
  • Try to play the track on Spotify using a different device. 
  • Try to play the track on our web player

If the track plays OK after restarting, or on different devices, then it’s unlikely to be an issue with the song itself. Check out the solutions above. 

If the same issue does keep happening after these checks, you can report it with these steps:

  1. Visit this page.
  2. Choose I want to report a broken song or wrong song information.
  4. Provide all the requested information.

You can also use this form to report songs, albums, or artists with incorrect information, such as misspelled titles, wrong cover art, or release dates.  

Are you retarded? Did you even read this topic before marking is as " Solved"

2020 still getting this. I'm trying to make a playlist and 2 of the songs just won't crossfade at the end, every other song is working perfectly. I see the player start the next track 10s before the current 'ends'.

I've tried restarting the app, playing it on another device, a phone, a pc and the exact same tracks have the same issue, not local files. The only thing odd about the tracks is that the songs "fade out" to quiet naturally in the last 5s, it's like Spotify's software 'hears' this and cannot work it out.



It's actually infuriating that Spotify, a service I pay for allows an issue like this to go unresolved. I can find almost nothing on this issue

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