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Daily Mix Change?

Daily Mix Change?

Edit: I didn't mean to post this in the Windows discussion area, newbie mistake. My bad.


Plan: Premium Family

Country: US


Device: iMac Late 2013

Operating System: Mojave 10.14.3


Was there a change in how the Daily Mixes are built? Yesterday I had the usual continuous play with more loading as you listen, today they're all only 50 or so songs.


Huge bummer as I set it up for background music for my whole work day.


4 Replies

I actually came here to say the same thing. I also noticed yesterday and maybe the day before as well that the Daily Mixes were functioning differently than normal. The artist pool for each was changing dramatically and everytime you loaded and left the daily mix, when you returned the list had completely refreshed, where as normally it only does so as you listen. That was kinda frustrating when I opened it and it was the perfect mix, but I turned off my screen for a second before I was ready to listen and then it was gone! Anyway, they have been really messing with the daily mix and it is affecting my quality of use! And it happens on mobile and desktop.

Went through Spotify Cares on twitter and got a bunch of help. Daily's still work correctly on their test accounts, so the coding is still there. Their solution was to create a new account, so we'll see if that works once I rebuild enough music to have a daily mix pop up.

Yeah I am having this problem too. I hope this is not a permanent change because it sucks.

Yes, me too. I noticed that a week or two ago. What's up with this? It was great! Now it's less great.

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