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Error Code 17,18 and 53 - Spotifyfullsetup.exe

Error Code 17,18 and 53 - Spotifyfullsetup.exe

After the latest automatic update (20181129) spotify can't start. The usual fix didn't solve it either.
Usually  everytime when spotify doesn't start after an upgrade I run the below script
( you can copy below text and open notepad and paste text and save the file as spotifyfix.bat.) 
@echo off
color 2f
echo -Spotify Fix
echo Run this script as Administrator
echo Closing open Spotify processes...
taskkill /f /im spotify*
echo Copying updated files to executable location...
xcopy "%UserProfile%\AppData\Roaming\Spotify" "C:\Program Files"\Spotify /i /s /r /y /D
echo Starting Spotify...
start "" "C:\Program Files"\Spotify\Spotify.exe"
echo Enjoy!


Today, that didn't work.
1. I uninstalled spotify and removed everything from %appdata% and searched C:\ drive for any spotify files (paths: C:\users\username\appdata\local,C:\users\username\appdata\roaming).

2. Restart Computer

3. Downloaded the spotifyfullsetup.exe and placed it on my D Drive.

4. Ran the installer from D drive and Error Code 18 or 53,   "files are used by another process or application"

5. Removed all the spotifydata(%appdata%) again after the failed installation. 
6. Copied the installer spotifyfullsetup.exe to the C drive

7. Ran the installer again this time from C drive and then Error Code 17 -> Pressed OK-> Started the Spotifyfixer.bat and the Spotify started OK again. 








Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

 The only way to install spotifyfullsetup.exe successfully is to put on C Drive otherwise Error Code 18 or 53 shows? 
Also, I wonder how much time the spotify users are struggling with this......why use the %appdata% folder if so many of us has issues with running it from that location?

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After reboot  issue occurs again, and I have to the procedure over again.
It wants to run the installer and Error Code 24 shows up. 
I do the same procedure as described above and it starts to work again, until reboot.


Tons of us are struggling with this. Been going on for years. I went through all the troubleshooting options. Moving the folder, which is empty (while "showing hidden files"), and doing the "safe mode" option. None of it works. Spotify simply doesn't know how to fix it and is now silent on this issue.

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