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Daily mix no longer enless mix, normal playlist instead


Daily mix no longer enless mix, normal playlist instead






Thinkpad T480s, Thinkpad X260, Intel NUC, Oneplus 2

Operating System

Windows 10, OxygenOS 3.6.1 (Android 6.0.1)


My Question or Issue

My daily mixes have over the course of the last few days gone from being endless mixes to being normal playlists on all the different units where I'm logged in.


At the top of the mixes it used to say "endless mix", and if I scrolled down the playlist would be faded out with the text "more songs load as you listen". I would be able to like or dislike the songs being played (heart icon and crossed over circle icon).


Now at the top it says the amount of songs in the playlist, and the playtime. For example "50 songs, 4hr 15min". There's no option to like or dislike, only to save to library. At the bottom the playlist simply ends, but I have the option to repeat and shuffle which would normally not be present.


The app is fully updated and I have tried logging out and in again.


Is this an intended change?

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Why is it all changes Spotify makes are needless, useless and often times just sets them back as a music player/provider? Not having Daily Mixes that continually load new songs was top of the list and not providing us with a mini player or a longer/more precise volume slider or even getting the scuffed-**bleep** volume normalizer working properly?

lololololol gg Spotify.

This is a terrible downgrade. My Daily Mixes have become repetitive homogeneous messes. I used to find new music through your service often. Now it's just replaying the same songs over and over. It's become terrestrial radio with no commercials. 

Here is one of my daily mixes from today. Literally every song is one I have liked previously. I used to use this function to find new music as it played throughout the day, but now that's gone. I also cannot dislike songs anymore and many of the few new songs I'm getting are terrible but I can't do anything about it. I hate this change...


daily mix.jpg

Why was this changed? The daily mix was my most used feature and now it's a daily struggle. The songs used to be a nice mix of liked and new songs and they all had the same vibe. Now the songs are all over the place and almost all of them are songs I already liked. I went from adding 2-5 songs a day to my library to giving up on the playlist after listening to 5 songs. 

Finally a good fix, the "endless mix" was getting repetitive, but still, just hoping for change list each update 😕

What a bunch of narrow minded fools! The daily mix was a great way of unwinding and discovering new artists without any effort or hassle. Just pick a genre/style and away you go. But no, you've removed it. 


Yet another 'wise' decision made by Spotify without contacting the community for feedback!  This is no different from when you removed the Android widget a few months back as 'it wasn't used'. Only to backtrack and add it back in as a patch because of the negative backlash you received.  


I'm getting closer and closer to unsubscribing from your sub-par service, who think they know best and don't reach out to the community for feedback. Its nothing short of shambolic. 

I don't know what I'm more amazed by:

  • The potato person who thought up the idea
  • The project manager who approved the change
  • The engineering team who implemented it

Speaking as someone who has been involved in systems design and product engineering for 20 years, if this ever came across my kanban/scrum board I would absolutely have demanded an explanation for such a monumental change.


Speaking of which, why do I discover all these useless changes like playing 10 second clips of "music videos" for certain bands/songs on my Android device (cool, thanks for the additional battery drain devs) or them setting a hard limit on the Daily Mixes by stumbling across them, trying to figure out what changed and then hopping on this forum/reddit to confirm or deny said changes.


In the Google Play Store, if you search for Spotify and click on "What's new" regarding the app/update it shows this:



Compare that to a company that's been around for a while like Adobe whose engineers aren't stackoverflow bots:



Notice the drastic contrast between Adobe's bullet-point list of recent updates to the app versus Spotify's "we update our things and stuffs so just keep updating lol."


I'm sort of amazed but not really.

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